Upcoming Street Fighter V Update Punishes More Rage Quitters, Gives More Fight Money, Adds VS CPU Option

Keeping up with Capcom’s promise of improved communication of the development of Street Figther V, a new developer update just pops up detailing upcoming features to be added by August and September.

For August, Capcom will improve their anti-rage quit system. The game surprisingly launched without such measures, resulting many players to rage quit instead of accepting defeat (which cancels out the match, with no win or loss awarded). After the roll-out in April, rage quit is said to have reduced.

As such, the update is just slight changes server-side, which includes a server maintenance on 16th August, that will enforce stricter guidelines for disconnected players. It isn’t that much- punished players will still get some league points removed and locked out of matchmaking in a period of time like before, but it should catch more rage quitters in the act. This issue will still be addressed further, with a “new, robust system that will address the issue more completely”, coming early next year.

September will see Street Fighter V to have more avenues of earning Fight Money- the in-game currency. Playing certain game modes, like completing the cinematic Story Mode, nets you tons of Fight Money, but it does not reward enough players who put in time online. A double Fight Money event will be arriving on the weekend of September 2-4 and the addition of Daily challenges that will give Fight Money once completed.

Colours can now be purchased in bundles with Fight Money or via micro-transactions, with some colours (3-10) available free if you have a Season Pass. Additionally, Premium costumes (costumes purchased with money only) now offers different colours as well.

Lastly, there will finally be an option to have a normal, best of three round bout against the CPU. Yes, there was no function to just play against the CPU unless it’s Survival Mode, the Story Modes (both character prologue and the cinematic one) and Training Mode. If you’re not ready to go online but don’t have someone around to play against, now you can finally play with the CPU, like most fighting games in the market.

That said, this is a pretty good direction for Street Fighter V in general. More quality of life changes like these should give a better impression that it is accessible to general gamers rather than just the competitive fighters.

No word yet on the final DLC character of the season, Urien, arriving. Though the Vice President of the Illuminati would probably have his own blog post and reveal soon enough.

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