Unicorn Overlord Now Available For Pre-Order

Unicorn Overlord, the next game by developer Vanillaware, is now available for pre-order.

Pre-ordering the game digitally by March 7 11.59 PM will inlcude the Atlus x Vannillaware Heraldry Pack for free. This DLC adds three different the coat of arms, (Erion Emblem, Hydeland Emblem, Sakura High School Emblem) inspired by past Atlus and Vanillaware games.

Unicorn Overlord is an upcoming tactical RPG by Vanillaware and publisher Atlus. The continent of Feverith was once the home of five nations, but is now under Imperial rule. As Alain, prince of Cornia, you now lead the liberation Army with the Ring Of The Unicorn in your hand.

The game features overworld exploration, combat moves into a grid-less battlefield where units can move around in real-time, and individual combat goes into 2D.

Like any Vanillaware game, expect some gorgeous use of 2D sprites and art.

Unicorn Overlord launches on March 8 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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