Ultra Street Fighter II Announced For Nintendo Switch

While most are hoping for fresh new games coming to Nintendo’s new portable console, we also see some nostalgia-heavy games from established franchises. Capcom is testing the waters in the Switch market with Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers.

Street Fighter II, the genesis of modern fighting games, is known mostly for its NES version. Over the years the game has been made available in various ports and remakes, with the latest one being Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Ultra Street Fighter II is built on that remake, offering options for HD graphics or old-school sprites while adding two more characters (Evil Ryu and Violent Ken). Multiplayer is of course an option, simply by “sharing the Joy” (hand the other half of the Joy-Con). An addition of co-op mode is there too where 2 players team up to beat a CPU.

No word on release date and pricing just yet. Sure it seems too safe for Capcom to just make this instead of a full game, but they have to start somewhere. As long as the price is right ($20 USD or less please) there will be a demand for old school fighting games, especially for the one that started it all.

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