Ubisoft’s Fair Play Program Lets Gamers Learn More About Toxic In-Game Behaviours And How To Deal With Them

Ubisoft has launched the Fair Play program. This is a short five-course education platform available on Ubisoft Connect that helps players learn about toxic behaviour- including ones that may come from oneself- as well as what actions one should take when toxicity during multiplayer games appear.

The Fair Play Program walks you through the broader scope that is the current state of toxicity in online games, a questionnaire to see what makes you tilt when in a game (that may lead to toxic behaviour), words from pro players on why you shouldn’t give in to tilting and how to keep cool, and a series of videos explaining what to do when you see such the toxic behaviours.

You can participate in the Fair Play program here. It’s currently only available in English, and requires a Ubisoft account.

This is one of Ubisoft’s initiatives in “creating gaming structures that foster more rewarding social experiences and avoid harmful interactions”. In other words, combat toxicity in multiplayer games while encouraging nicer interactions.

“At Ubisoft, our key objective is to create games that foster positive online experiences and to make sure that players evolve in safe communities,” said Jérémy Marchadier, Director of Player Safety at Ubisoft.

“Disruptive behaviour in games is an issue we take seriously and that we believe should be tackled through multiple approaches. We believe that education and the promotion of positive play are paramount to inducing a positive shift in players’ experience.”

It remains to be seen how effective the Fair Play program is, but it’s a tangible effort from the major games publisher and developer in addressing this issue.

Alongside the Fair Play Program, Ubisoft is also launching the Rainbow Six Reputation Score display for Rainbow Six Siege. This tool lets players see how their in-game behaviour has impacted others.

Ubisoft is also working on the “Zero Harm in Comms” research project alongside Riot Games.

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