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Ubisoft Expanding With New Studio In The Philiphines


The Philiphines will finally have their first major gaming studio opening inside their borders, as Ubisoft expands and forms a new studio called Ubisoft Philiphines. The studio will join in the many worlwide studios Ubisoft has been operating, including Ubisoft Singapore which has been instrumental in helping developing a few Assassin’s Creed games- the boating aspect of III and IV Black Flag was attributed to Ubisoft Singapore.

According to the reports at VentureBeat, Ubisoft will plan a partnership with a local university in the Philiphines to bolster new talent and help expose the people here with some AAA game development experience. They aim to expand up to 200 people for the Philiphines studio in 5 years time. The studio will be located in Santa Rosa, not too far off the capital Manila.

This is exciting new in the game industry as more big-name studios are now recognising the talent we have over this side of the world, and opening up new job opportunities here. The last time a major game studio landed on Malaysia was Codemasters, which had some influence to its games as they were fictional rally stages set in our locale, as well as the Sepang International Circit being featured before the they had picked up the F1 licence to produce all the F1 tracks, including Sepang.