Twitch Made A Browser Game For Its 2016 Year In Review

Streaming platform giant Twitch is growing bigger than ever, now that it is under Amazon’s banner. While the platform may not be as popular here- it can be hard to watch streams if you don’t have decent bandwith- it has grown immensely, as seen in its Year In Review.

Which they made into a neat little browser game here.

The game is worth a time-waster, but if you prefer to see the numbers, here’s some interesting stats Twitch has shared:

  • 292 billion minutes of streaming watched
  • 2.2 million unique streamers
  • 590 million bits cheered (bits are a new form of tipping introduced last year)
  • $25.3 million USD donated to charity via charity streams
  • Biggest PS4 game was Uncharted 4
  • Biggest FPS game was CS:GO
  • Overwatch is the game most watched on Twitch
  • Minecraft remained one of the ten most popular games on Twitch

There’s no denying how big Twitch has now become, but we will have to see if this catches on our part of the world. While there are Twitch streamers around here, but not as a huge number as we see here.

We will see if the rest of the competition, YouTube Gaming and Microsoft’s Beam to name a few, catches up.

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