Turn 10 Studios Removing Lootboxes from Forza 7

No more random loot drops for this series.

Something do change after awhile and it seems that Microsoft and their racing game studio Turn 10 are changing for the better.

Head of Turn 10 Studio, Alan Hartman, has stated in the official Forza blog that other than continuous support for the seventh installment of the Forza Motorsport series, they are removing the awful car and avatar lootboxes from the game entirely, just like WB’s Shadow of War earlier this month.and are also removing the game’s premium currency, Tokens, from Forza 7 and even future titles like the upcoming Forza Horizion 4 for added more fairness to the game and not wanted to do more controversy.

But the team also state that it will take some time to remove it all and expect a winter timeline for this removal update to be release for Forza 7 owners.

So long,randomized loot!


Our take on this is that it is good that Microsoft are doing more to get rid of the micro-transaction mechanics from their games after a great backlash from the community. Will this be beneficial to Microsoft in the long run? Who knows, but it’s good to see the big M taking a stand on this issue.

Source: Eurogamer


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