Try Out The Open Beta For The Amazing American Circus, A Deck-Builder With Sim Elements

There’s a lot card games, or deck-builders in particular, that involves some form of dungeon crawling and combat. Now here’s a different take of the genre by Klabater called The Amazing American Circus.

As the name implies, you are running a circus troupe travelling across America during the Gilded Age. Your deck is determined by your performers you bring, and the bar you need to reduce are not enemies, but the crowd.

While there is a Slay The Spire-style card battle and rougelike elements, there is also a sim and mangement aspect to The Amazing American Circus. Treat your artists and the circus camp right by managing resources.

Along the way, you’ll be meeting fictional and historical characters like John D. Rockefeller, Susan B. Anthony, or Nikola Tesla, and be accompanied by a soundtrack of circus music as well as American country and folk music.

Currently the game is in open beta until May 27. You can join in to play the first of four regions- the Wild West. Thre is also a limit to your deck build, you are capped at 21 Fame Stars, but otherwise it should be a good sample what the game has to offer.

The beta is available on their Steam page here.

The Amazing American Circus launches on PC (Steam, GOG) on August 13.

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