Try Out Street Fighter V For Free- Online Beta Test Starts May 11th

In the age where demos are rare and beta access takes that place despite being so close to release to be considered a beta, we usually mix these terms up. But in the case for Street Fighter V, there will be indeed a beta test. The fighting game is already out, but Capcom is still working on making the Capcom Fighters Network, the online infrastructure that includes cross-play between PC and PS4 players used for SFV. As such, an online beta test will be conducted for all PS4 and PC players to try out the game and stress test the online servers. No purchase necessary.

The new online changes should handle rage quitters better by providing tags for prominent offenders (and a high chance to match them up together), better loading and matchmaking times and less tendency to be matched up against the same opponents in a short time.

But why play the beta when you already have the game, you ask? For veterans, the beta will offer a taste of the new mid-season balance changes that will be incorporated alongside the new online changes. Aside from that, all characters, including the newly announced Ed, will be available for all beta testers.

The beta starts at 6PM Pacific on May 11 (that’s 9AM May 12 for Malaysia, GMT+8) and will end at 10PM on May 14 (1PM, May 15). Check on Steam and the Playstation Store before the time starts to download the free beta client.


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