Try Out Prey With A Demo Before Release On Consoles

Arkane’s next game Prey may have more in common with System Shock and Bioshock than the original game it shares the title with, but it’s looking promising so far. But if you’re still not convinced with the footage of the early game shown earlier, why not try it out yourself?

Prey will have a demo on April 27, eight days before its release but it’s only on PS4 and Xbox One (sorry PC gamers). It’s rare to see a single-player game receiving a demo before release- though some games like Watch Dogs 2, Mafia III and Arkane’s other game Dishonored 2 offer free trials long after the initial release window. It might be a strike of confidence from publishers Bethesda to pull this off.

In any case, if you play on consoles it’s worth checking out to see if this is the game for you.

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