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Try Out Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta This Weekend


If you have a friend or three, here’s something to play this weekend. Ghost Recon Wildlands will be open to everyone. The open beta will commence from February 23rd at 6am EST (7pm local time, GMT +8) and ends on February 27th, 6am EST.

The open beta will contain the two provinces instead of just one: Itacua and Montuyoc. Both of these provinces are free to explore either solo with AI bots or co-op up to three friends. Wildlands also support public co-op where you can partner up with random people, should you prefer to do so.

Preloading begins on February 21, 7pm local time. Check the Playstation Store and uPlay by that time to download the client early. If you prefer to use Steam on PC, that is also possible as well though it prior experience with Ubisoft’s free weekends and betas suggest that the link there will be up a bit later than on uPlay.

If you’re into open world games with a little hint of tactics and stealth than Wildlands may be your cup of tea. But it’s a better experience with friends on board. It will launch pretty soon on March 7.