Try Out Duelyst, A Free-To-Play Tactical Strategy Card Game

Duelyst is a tactical strategy game that uses a card system. Imagine a game of Magic Duels or Hearthstone, but now positioning matters. It’s a free-to-play PC game and made by Counterplay Games, an indie outfit made up of industry veterans who had worked in multitudes of AAA games beforehand.

Here’s a trailer that shows off a bit of gameplay and the interesting artstyle, using 2D sprites as well as hand drawn ones.

Like most card games, it’s built around playing it competitively with others rather than having a campaign of sorts. However, you can play against the AI in Practice mode, and there are solo challenges to try out as well.

The game also features micro-transactions, and for now is only available in US Dollar pricing. However, you can get a healthy amount of in-game currency by doing daily challenges and solo challenges that can unlock new cards.

You can go download it now here. Note that it is a standalone launcher and you need to create an account beforehand. The process is quite snappy, and so is the game. So give it a shot if you’re interested.

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