TripleChain Is A New Free-To-Play Strategy & Puzzle RPG On Mobile, Here’s Where To Register For The Closed Beta Test

Fancy a new mobile game? Well this one is part strategy game, part puzzler and part RPG. TripleChain, developed by Southeast Asia-based Cubinet Interactive (also known as 7 Senses), will be launching worldwide in closed beta soon.

TripleChain sees you collecting many heroes which you can upgrade their gear, and then send them off to battles. The battles play out like a puzzler, where you have to chain the same icons together for big damage. Each hero brings something different to the puzzle table, which will change the way you approach each puzzle battle.

The game will also include real-time PVP on launch.

You can pre-register for the game here. TripleChain will be available for both iOS and Android, with the Closed Beta Test beginning July 31st globally.

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