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Trackmania Turbo Now Available Digitally, Free Demo Released


Looking for an arcade racer that’s easy to pick up and hard to master? Trackmania Turbo, the latest of the long-running Trackmania games, is now available for purchase via Asia’s Playstation Store. To coincide with that, a free demo is also available. Trackmania Turbo is the series’ first debut on the consoles, both for PS4 and the Xbox One, bringing in cleaner visuals, a new funky aesthetic, but remains not too far from previous entries gameplay-wise. It’s you against the clock, in hundreds of different tracks. Plus there’s a track editor so you can create your own crazy tracks and share it online, and play them in online multiplayer, or local should you choose.  We last covered on the local multiplayer modes, which is done differently than most games.

While we may have missed out on last week’s open beta test– it was not available for Asia apparently, the free demo should be suffice on giving a glimpse on what the game is all about. From the looks of it, the demo may be similarly structured like Trials Fusion, another indie-like arcade game similar to Trackmania and also published by Ubisoft, but it’s with bikes and an emphasis on figuring out how to complete the crazy tracks. So expect a few short tracks to try out in the demo.

Since we have yet to test it out, we will report back in once we have test it out ourselves. But if you rather see it for yourself, go and download it right now. Trackmania Turbo is priced at RM149. According to the current exchange rate of US Dollars to Ringgit, we are paying less than the 40$ asking price in US. A good deal, if you are interested to pick it up yourself.