Trackmania Turbo Details New Multiplayer Modes

The Trackmania series has always been a cult hit on the PC. It’s an arcade racing games with a focus on making and racing outlandish tracks with jumps, loop-the-loops and wall rides. Throughout the years it has led to many crazy creations, like the series of push forward tracks. It’s also popular due to its open nature, allowing the community to run their own servers, with customisation- like a custom playlist of songs and custom-made tracks. However, things get out of hand with developers Nadeo as they try to expand the idea by making their own client which was terribly executed, Trackmania 2 being separated by tile sets that all has to be purchased separately and their failed new series Shootmania.

Now owned by Ubisoft, Nadeo is making Trackmania a full AAA experience with Trackmania Turbo, making it available for consoles as well as PC. First heard at last year’s E3, Trackmania Turbo is now on set for release on March 24. This new trailer explains all the new multiplayer modes available in the game.

With up to four-player split-screen, this is the game you may be looking for when you have friends coming by. Don’t have enough controllers? There’s a hotseat mode where you swap controllers after each run and compete for lap times. While most of these modes may not be original, but definitely something new for Trackmania. Shout out to the mono-screen mode, where everyone shares a screen ala Micro Machines and bonus mode, which essentially is their take on Mario Kart. Stunt definitely reminds me of the snowboard game SSX where you do tricks to get boost. Double Driver looks interesting, as you test your coordination with another driver to control the car. There’s also another mode called Smash where you have to mash buttons instead of just holding the accelerate button to move. And all of this modes can be mix and matched to your liking as well, making crazy combinations.

Add this with the massive multiplayer racing and track creation tool the series is known for, and you can expect a ton of content coming for Trackmania Turbo post-launch. Trackmania Turbo is set to release in March 24 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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