Total War: Three Kingdoms Delayed To 2019, Here’s A New In-Game Trailer

"I would rather betray the world than have the world betray me"

Creative Assembly’s latest mainline strategy game will based in 190CE China, where the war was well documented in the Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. The developers assuage the delay announcement by providing more details on the game- how the romantic version of history will influence the game- and a new in-game trailer.

Here’s the trailer, featuring Cao Cao, a prominent figure in the heart of the Three Kingdoms’ conflict:

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, the gameplay balance will favour the romanticised version of history. This is explained in a post on the official site.

So generals this time by default will be super strong and can take out hundreds of troops ala Dynasty Warriors. Those who favour a more balanced and familiar Total War experience can toggle in Classic Mode, where the understanding of how to win a battle- navigating your troops through terrain properly and having proper army composition will be rewarded more. Plus your generals will behave as you expect in a Total War game.

Creative Assembly also have historian Rafe De Crespigny as a consultant to help ensure Total War Three Kingdoms to be both culturally and historically authentic.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is now expected to be out in spring 2019 for the PC.

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