Titanfall 2 Is Having A Free Weekend, All Multiplayer Content Accessible

Another weekend, another big game doing a free weekend. It’s a good trend, considering demos have become rarer these days. Starting December 2, prepare for titanfall as Titanfall 2 can be played by anyone with a PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The “Free Multiplayer Trial”, as it is called, will only limit you to the multiplayer portion of the game, but all content is accessible including the new addition from their first free DLC offering set to release on December 3.

Progress will be saved and carried over, should you decide to buy it later on. The trial starts early for EA Access and Origin Access users, starting November 30. The free weekend deal will not have a time limit for play, so play as much as you want until December 4.

Titanfall 2 is a great follow-up to the first game, a pioneer of adding high-mobility to twitch shooters that follows the Call Of Duty mold. Sure, classic FPS of the 90’s offer faster movement, but the fluidity in brings, especially played on a controller, brings something else to the table. Despite the high praise, it did not sell well and Titanfall 2 is rectifying that by addressing two of its biggest shortcomings: no single-player campaign and paid DLC maps.

So if you’re curious if Titanfall 2 is worth your money or not, give it a download this weekend.

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