Titanfall 2 Adding New 6v6 Pilots Only Mode For Free

Titanfall 2 is among the many EA games that are not doing Season Passes anymore. Instead they are promising free content updates for the adrenaline-rush FPS with mechs. As they did a few months back with the Angel City’s Most Wanted DLC (which coincides its free weekend offer), Titanfall 2 is getting another new mode.

The new mode focuses on just the Pilots, which is mobile enough to pull off wall ride, slides and parkour- all while shooting guns. The mode is called Live Fire and will include two new maps built specific for this mode.

Here’s the excerpt of developers Respawn Entertainment explaining about Live Fire mode:

“A round-based best of 5 mode with no respawns, you will have one minute to eliminate the opposing team in order to win the round. You can also win the round if your team is holding the neutral flag when the round timer ends.

It’s fast, frantic, and sure to help hone those teamwork and mobility skills.

We’re also introducing two brand new maps designed specifically for Live Fire: Stacks and Meadow. Playable only in the Live Fire playlist, these two maps are tight, enclosed death boxes designed specifically for the fast-paced, intense nature of the mode.”

Sounds good. Respawn will later on provide a proper roadmap on what new content that is planned for the game. Hopefully the support is done better than what Need For Speed 2015 received– it was a shame that support was cut just about when the game looks salvageable.  At least Titanfall 2 is already great on launch.

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