“Time Survival” Roguelite Soul Survivors Now Available On Steam Early Access

Soul Survivors, an indie game by Signbot Games is now available on Steam Early Access.

It’s a Vampire Survivors-like, but the press release calls it a “time survival game” which is a pretty neat subgenre descriptor. We settled with “reverse bullet hell” or “timed-limited horde survival” in our discussions, but time survival is succinct, hopefully that catches on.

Soul Survivors is a time survival roguelite. Combat has more than just four keys to press – so you need to land attacks unlike its source inspiration- and with a meta-game progression.

The Early Access release will have two of six planned classes: Bogatyr the armoured knight with hammers and horns, and the Necromancer that wields a spiked flail.

The “Soul” in Soul Survivors also means that this is set in a dark fantasy world filled with bosses and.. enemy invaders. There are even secrets to be discovered as well.

Soul Survivors is also Steam Deck Verified.

Soul Survivors is out now on PC via Steam Early Access.

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