Time Loop FPS Lemnis Gate Out Now

Lemnis Game, the multiplayer FPS with a time loop mechanic, also described as a 4D turn-based strategy game (the fourth dimension is time), is out now.

The 1v1/2v2 FPS has you play as operatives with different abilities in short 25-second “turns”, which then loops itself back. You can take out an enemy operative, or complete an objective. The next turn will see the actions of the operatives being run again, on top of the new actions you get to do with your current chosen operative.

With each turn, the match gets ever more complex, as both sides try to either erase the actions of a previous turn (by killing operatives from the past or present), or setting up big plays that pay off in future time loops.

There’s a full breakdown of how a match of Lemnis Gate here, if you prefer to wrap your brain around it in full.

On launch, there will be a progression system to unlock cosmetics for your operators, which includes weapons skins and emotes. There will be four different modes (Seek and Destroy, Domination, Retrieve XM and Deathmatch) and 12 maps available.

Alongside online multiplayer, Lemnis Gate also allows you to play offline multiplayer, hot-seat/pass-the-controller style. Online matches can also have you play a match properly turn-based (so it plays more like chess but 4D), or have the turns happen simultaneously, where you get to play it like a normal-ish FPS.

Lemnis Gate is out now for the PS4, PS5, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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