THQ Nordic Now Owns Alone In The Dark And Act Of War IPs

Bring out your dead (IPs)!

THQ Nordic has been a necromancer these days. Fitting, since the THQ name itself was also from an otherwise dead company. But Gobbling up past THQ titles was not enough. First was the reminder that they owned the original studio and IP rights to TimeSplitters and Second Sight. Next was rescuing the Amalur IP, which was in limbo after 38 Studios folded.

Now, THQ Nordic just announced that they managed to get the rights of Alone In The Dark and Act Of War, previously owned by Atari.

The original Alone In The Dark is the first 3D survival horror game that later inspired classics such as Resident Evil. It had some okay games in the previous generation, but its latest iteration from a new Atari in 2015, Alone In The Dark Illumination, turned the game into a co-op horror shooter to dismal reviews.

Act Of War is an RTS game first released in 2005 by Eugen Systems, which still makes strategy games. After an expansion pack release the next year, the series went dormant. Eugen then created a spiritual successor, Act Of Aggression, published under Focus Home Interactive.

Given these titles have not seen the light of day for years, being picked up THQ Nordic is great news. Especially since they do frequently put out remasters of past games. If THQ Nordic is still in the mood for more grave digging and IP reviving, might we suggest No One Lives Forever? It’s a tall order, but if it’s anyone that can bring out the dead, it’s them.

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