This Is What The Next Borderlands Could Look Like

In a GDC talk about Epic’s Unreal Engine, Gearbox Software head Randy Pitchford slipped out a footage of something they are working on: the next Borderlands game. (Borderlands 3 we presume?) This is by no means the representative of how will it definitely look like, what was shown is a “technology demonstration”.

The distinct sort-of cel-shaded look of the looter-shooter series remains intact as they now transition into Unreal Engine 4. The talk see Pitchford showing off how the new tech works, so if you’re into game development and can appreciate the art process he is explaining throughout the talk, check it out below:

The presentation by no means say anything concrete about the next Borderlands, but good to see it is being worked on- some “production assests to be used in a future game” were shown off, and some were noted to be very specific to Borderlands.

“If you’re a customer that’s looking forward to a future Borderlands game, we’re working on it,” he said. “We’ll get you soon.”

With Battleborn not doing so hot, Gearbox has to work harder this time to ensure their next game be something worth playing. On the publishing side, they will be releasing a remaster of the underrated FPS Bulletstorm as Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition in April 8.

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