This Interview With Tekken’s Producer Talks About How Similar For Honor Is To A Fighting Game

For Honor is out, and a lot of people are starting to compare it to fighting games. We share the same impression, after playing the closed beta.

But this interview between Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada and Jason Vandenberghe, For Honor’s creative lead, discusses how similar For Honor feels to a typical fighting game, like Tekken.

Harada talks about how the combat system allows Yomi (the Japanese word that means “reading the mind of the opponent” i.e. mind reads), especially when it’s a fair 1v1 fight where it feels similar to a fighting game.

Vanderberghe also sheds light on some of For Honor’s design, like how the UI indicator for the three stances was put on by default rather than just rely on animations. It’s due to the 3D camera which may not be displaying a fair amount of information for both duellers, like how it is with fighting games with the camera is on a 2D plane.

Both sides also share one similarity of design: making those hits felt to the player. A quick look at some footage of both For Honor and the upcoming Tekken 7 is all it’s needed to see how both designers achieve their goal.

Check out the full interview below:

Interesting to see the marketing at Ubi finally embraced For Honor as a fighting game. It would be neat to see these two figures share the same space again and see what good ideas they can share.

Or maybe a video of them duelling. Harada alluded he had played a match with Vandenberghe before the interview. That would be interesting to watch.

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