“Thief With Guns” Survival Horror Immersive Sim Gloomwood Now On Steam Early Access

New Blood Interactive has released Gloomwood, the game developed by Dillon Rogers and David Szymanski, on Steam Early Access today.

Gloomwood is a blend of survival horror and immersive sim, played in the first person. Set in a Victorian-esque city plagued by an ancient curse, you must escape.

You can sneak your way out, passing by the guards with menacingly glowing eyes that colour-code their alert level. Or manipulate their patrol pattern by throwing objects or making noises. Or take some of them out silently using your swordcane. Or grab a gun or other forms of weaponry you can find to deal with them. Or use the interactive systems to your advantage like any immersive sim will allow you to do.

In true New Blood fashion, Gloomwood is easily described by its vanity website link: thiefwithguns.com.

The low-poly, slightly horrific, Victorian city setting of Gloomwood gives off strong Thief vibes: a fantastic immersive sim and one of the most influential games in the stealth genre.

But with guns.

Gloomwood is now in Early Access, available on Steam for RM39 (RM35.10 at the time of writing until September 13).

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