These Three PS4 Games Are Made In Singapore, Try It Out At PSX SEA 2017

Support your local developers! As the game industry starts to grow over here in Southeast Asia, we have started to see more developers in the region getting some time in the spotlight. These three games are all made by developers based in Singapore and will be out for the PS4. They will be showcased this weekend at PSX SEA 2017.

The first game is Masquerada: Songs And Shadows. Developed by Witching Hour Studios, this tactical RPG was a successful Kickstarter and has launched on PC. Featuring a strong voice cast including Matt Mercer and Jennifer Hale, this brooding tale of Venetian fantasy is something worth checking out if you’re into RPGs and a combat system similar to Supergiant’s Transistor.

Also, the team were planning to put a Singaporean reference for its Platinum trophy.

Next up is Dusty Raging Fist, a beat-’em-up by PD Design Studio. Featuring a gorgeous 2D artstyle, three playable characters with up to 3-player co-op, this should feel the itch if you’re pining for some old-school button bashing. Plus points if you like anthropomorphic animals throwing dragon punches.

Lastly, we have Stifled by Gattai Games. It’s a VR horror game. You only see what you hear. Like a bat, you can also use your own sound via the mic to reveal portions of the world via echolocation. That is good enough idea to make it something spooky with positional audio. The game was first announced at Sony’s PS VR press conference for Asia last year, and will also be heading to western markets published by Sony.

These maybe indie games, but don’t write them off just yet. If the long lines of the big AAA games on the show floor, consider paying these booths a visit. For the full list of games available on the show floor, you can find it here.

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