These Are The Games To Compete In EVO 2017

The biggest fighting game tournament in the world, EVO is back again for 2017. Last year was a huge success, with participants of over 4000 players across nine different games. It even made it to US television by broadcasting the Street Fighter V Top 8 matches.

With a slew of new fighting games coming out this year, there would be plenty of shakeups in the games list being picked. And indeed it has. Here are the eight games now confirmed for the biggest stage in fighting games tournaments.

  1. Street Fighter V
  2. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2
  3. Super Smash Bros. For WiiU
  4. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  5. Injustice 2
  6. Blazblue Central Fiction
  7. Tekken 7
  8. King Of Fighters XIV

Street Fighter V is a no-brainer after the huge turnout for the game. Smash getting more coverage with Smash 4 getting the bigger spotlight this year. Anime fighters getting more love too with both Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2, a new update to Xrd Revelator, and BlazBlue Central Fiction getting a spot.

As for new games, we see Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 making the list. Both games are going to be released by the end of May/early June. EVO 2017 is set to start in July 14-16, so competitors would only have about six weeks to familiarise with the game. (Though Tekken 7 is already out in arcades)

For the ninth game, the organisers are leaving it up to fan voting via donating to, with the biggest donation wins. But the selection for the last spot of the list is certainly an interesting one:

  1. Mortal Kombat XL
  2. Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
  3. Skullgirls
  4. Pokken Tournament
  5. Killer Instinct
  6. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  7. ARMS
  8. Windjammers
  9. Nidhogg

Pokken debuted last year on the EVO stage. Along with Mortal Kombat XL, Marvel and Killer Instinct, these games were featured last year but had to make way for the new game lineup. But the rest of the pack is even more interesting: Will we see a resurgence of good old SFII Super Turbo? Or will the indie communities from Skullgirls and Nidhogg rise up? What about Windjammers, the classic competitive disc throwing game of the yesteryear? Or maybe we will see a competitive motion controller game on the big stage with ARMS?

We will only see only one of the nine here to make it to the main stage. Donation link- and current tally of donation, can be found here.

EVO 2017 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, US on July 14-16.

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