There’s An Official Takeshi’s Castle Game And It’s In Roblox

Takeshi’s Castle, the influential TV game show that originally aired in Japan in the 1980s that later became a worldwide sensation throughout the 1990s, has an official video game. It happens to be in Roblox.

The Takeshi’s Castle official video game is developed by GeekOut under TBS Games. The Takeshi’s Castle experience in Roblox is the first released by TBS Games, the gaming arm for TBS Television, the same company that produced the TV show.

Takeshi’s Castle in Roblox has players compete in obstacle challenges as seen on TV including “Ryujin-Ike” (or “Stepping Stone”, the one where contestants have to do some real-life platforming with a twist that some platforms will sink when stepped on), and “Daruma-san ga koronda” (or “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”). The final battle, where the remaining contestants drive in battle tanks shooting water streams, is presented too.

The lobby area, the waiting room for players before the game begins, is decorated with props and decorations, with plans to sell cosmetics so your Roblox avatar can equip Takeshi’s Castle-themed clothing and accessories.

If you look at this and thought this looks like Fall Guys, well, Fall Guys was inspired by this very TV show in the first place. But for those that didn’t grew up in the 80’s and 90’s during the show’s heyday, most gamers these days are which is understandable, this is more or less Fall Guys in Roblox.

The Takeshi’s Castle experience in Roblox launched in September 1, 2023. You can try it out in Roblox available on consoles, PC and mobile.

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