There Will Be A Pokémon Sun & Moon Official Launch Event, Win Tons Of Activities And Prizes

And this is no ordinary launch event. Fully supported by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, it will be held at KDU College, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya on 19-20 November. Aside from getting your hands for the latest Pokémon game, there’s tons of other activities being offered so fans can explore the vast world of Pokémon, from its trading card game (TCG) to Pokémon Esports (previously known as Pokémon VGC-Video Game Championship) to an arcade machine hosting Pokémon Tretta as well as fighting games Pokkén Tournament and Super Smash Bros. available on the floor.

Those at the event can also gather points via a “Points System” where it rewards you with points for each activity you do at the event, say demoing Pokémon Sun & Moon at a demo station, play a round of Pokémon TCG or trying out Pokémon GO Plus, the wearable accessory for the hit mobile game that’s also available at the event. Earn enough points and you can trade in for some official Pokémon merchandise, or you could just buy them as the merchandise are available for purchase. There’s cosplay performance too.

That’s a lot of things going on for a two-day launch event. Event Manager Syafiq Nizar Radzi has this to say about their grandiose launch event:

“ To many people, Pokémon is their childhood. It is something they hold very dearly to their hearts. The Pokémon Sun & Moon Official Launch Event will be a place where Pokémon Fans can gather and celebrate their love for Pokémon and discovering the side of Pokémon they may not seen before. ”

It’s not just a launch event. It’s a celebration.

Though do note there’s an entrance fee of RM10 a day for the event and can be bought on the spot, or RM15 for two days for early birds. But with the amount of activities on store at the event it’s probably worth the fee.

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