The Wonderful 101 Remastered Out Now

PlatinumGames’ first foray into self-publishing, Wonderful 101 Remastered, is out now. Sort of. But it’s totally out now on PC via Steam.

Platinum announced that they are moving into self-publishing earlier this year, which lead to a Kickstarter campaign to bring cult classic Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 to current platforms.

The Wonderful 101 has a staggered release date, so depending on which region you are in and if you prefer digital or physical, it may or not be out yet. May 19 is the first of the release dates for digital versions (PS4, PC, Switch) in North America. But it’s out now on Steam for RM65.

We don’t know if the game will launch on PlayStation Store Asia for PS4, so we will have to wait until the last of the launch dates -June 11 (for Japan, digital and physical release)- to find out. Until then, you can grab the game on Steam for PC, the NA region Nintendo eShop for Switch, and the NA region PlayStation Store.

The Wonderful 101 is what happens when Pikmin becomes a character action game, where you control a group of superheroes, the Wonderful 100, as they protect the city, and Earth, from utter destruction.

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