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The Witcher’s Geralt Of Rivia Joins The Soul Calibur VI Roster

It's not Soul Calibur without guest characters


Soul Calibur and guest characters are two things that just go together. Throughout the years the fighting game series have a lot of cameo fighters to join the list, from Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio in Soul Calibur V to the console-specific guests of Heihachi/Spawn/Link in Soul Calibur II.

The upcoming Soul Calibur VI has still a long way to go with roster reveals, the character count is at seven with Ivy and Zasalamel being revealed last month, but Bandai Namco is taking the time to reveal its guest character for the game: Geralt Of Rivia from The Witcher series.

Geralt was teased to appear in another game sometime this year by CD Projekt RED Ccommunity lead Marcin Momot, with rumours suggesting it was going to be Soul Calibur. And then the official The Witcher Twitter account teased a reveal coming soon. Lo and behold, it’s true.

The White Wolf looks like he was just plucked from The Witcher 3, and his moveset of using swords is of course not out of place in Soul Calibur. Geralt gets to use his signs, magic spells, alongside his usual sword combos.

Kaer Mohen will also appear as a stage, as seen in the trailer.

Soul Calibur VI is set for release sometime this year for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.