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The Witcher Series Turns 10, And Would Like To Thank Fans In This Heartwarming Video


In 2007, a little game called The Witcher was released by a small Polish developer named CD Projekt RED. At the time, it was seen as among the interesting European PC game that has interesting ideas but would not be on the radar of most mainstream gamers.

Then The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings was out in 2011 that turned many heads. By 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was out on PC, Xbox One and PS4- a game of the year winner and one of the best RPGs out there today.

From humble beginnings, The Witcher series has grown from just a small game adaptation of a Polish novel to a huge video game franchise. To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, here’s a heartwarming video showcasing the cast of The Witcher series thanking you, the fans, for being there for them.

The video debuted on a panel at PAX West where various members of CD Projekt RED recounts the ups and downs of developing the three Witcher games.

You can watch the whole panel here. It was hosted by Noclip, the crowdfunded video game documentary Youtube channel. They recently did a 3-part video on the death and rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV, and their next project will involve chronicling The Witcher.

CD Projekt RED is hard at work on a new game based on the Cyberpunk IP. We still haven’t seen any details of this new game but let’s hope they continue to deliver like what the team did with The Witcher.