The Surge 2 Announced, Coming In 2019

Out of the factory and into the city

Deck 13’s industrial Souls-like RPG The Surge is getting a sequel, publisher Focus Home Interactive announced. Released last year, the game is a decent action RPG which follows the formula of Dark Souls, or rather Bloodborne, as the developers insisted, with mixed, but mostly positive feedback.

The Surge 2 will take place outside of the confinements of the deserted factory (and theme park, as included in the A Walk In The Park DLC) and into a “sprawling, devastated city”. Levels should be bigger and more ambitious, a common complaint of the first game, while still keeping the fast combat with limb targeting system.

Sounds like a normal sequel so far, but should it fixes the issues people had of the first game, this could be an even better Soulslike.

The Surge 2 is still far off, set to arrive in 2019 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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