The Razer Viper Mini Is An Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Fit For Smaller Hands, Out Now

Gaming mice usually are usually large, compared to normal mice. So what if you have small hands? Or prefer to hold to a smaller, lighter, gaming mouse in a claw or fingertip style?

Razer has shrunk the Razer Viper esports-ready gaming mouse a bit and made the Razer Viper Mini. This is the brand’s lightest mouse they’ve produced so far- at 61g. It’s not much of a weight loss since the original Viper is already light at 69g, but the whole chassis is shrunk considerably. The Viper Mini is 53.5mm wide and 118.3mm long, compared to the Viper (57.6mm x 126.8mm).

The leading image up top is the Viper Mini sandwiched between two Viper mice.

The Razer Viper Mini uses the same Razer Optical Mouse Switches (faster and more accurate mouse clicks), an 8,500 DPI sensor with 300 IPS tracking (a bit lower from the Viper that can go to 16,000 DPI), and six programmable buttons. Of course, the Razer Viper Mini supports Razer Chroma for your customisable RGB underglow needs.

The Razer Viper Mini is out now at selected retailers and online stores, including, for RM199.

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