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The Outer Worlds Will Feature a VATS-esque Combat System


If you think Obsidian’s newest game couldn’t get more Fallout, then prepare for more great news.

In a video showcase with GameInformer,The Outer Worldwill feature a “Tactical Time Dilation” (TTD) system where players could “plug someone in a particular part of the body” and also help those who aren’t good in FPS combat be “tactically effective”. In short, it’s their version of Fallout’s VATS system.

This is to ensure that players won’t get bogged down or bored with the games fighting mechanics.Other than that, their lead designer Charles Staples, also states that the companions can have their own special abilities and have “perks” that could change how those abilities work in different scenarios.

But really though,The Outer Worlds is looking interesting by the day.

It is set to release sometime this year for PS4,Xbox One and PC via Steam.

Source: PCGamerGameInformer