The Next Game From Programming Game Masters Zachtronics Is A Visual Novel Called Eliza

Before today, Zachtronics is an indie developer that is known for one definite genre of games- programming games, or problem-solving puzzlers.

From making alchemical concoctions in Opus Magnum, to actually writing BASIC-style programming codes with a tutorial PDF designed to look like a programming textbook in TIS-100, there are plenty of different games they’ve made based around the idea of problem-solving. Which is what programming is all about.

But today, they announced that they are making something a little different.

Their new game, Eliza is a visual novel. As Evelyn Ishino-Aubrey, you play as a proxy to the AI therapist Eliza which does all the decisions in a therapy session where Evelyn is tasked to just read the script it produces.

The story will see you meeting various folks who use Eliza for counseling in Seatle, and their many issues in life.

If things get too real, there’s a Kabufuda Solitaire mini-game to put you at ease.

From the sound of it, the game explores issues of mental health and where we should draw the line with tech companies’ power over our lives. It’s a fascinating premise- and something completely fresh from a developer that has made six programming games, and one turn-based card tactics game.

Eliza will be out on August 12th (or August 13th for Malaysia) on PC (Steam).

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