The Medium Set To Spook This December 10 For Xbox Series X/S And PC

Bloober Team’s The Medium is coming out this December for PC and the Xbox Series machines.

The Medium sees you play-through two distinct world – The real world and the spirit world – in a dual-reality gameplay where you control the main character, Marianne in the two worlds together via her medium powers.

You can get The Medium for the price of RM 72 on Steam right now,which is quite cheap considering this is the few newest Next-Gen titles that’s coming out this year.

And those who had pre-ordered the Steam version will receive a dual score soundtrack consisting of music made by Bloober Team’s own Arkadiusz Reikowski and the maestro of horror music himself, Akira Yamaoka, along with the digital artbook of the game. Quite a neat deal if I do say so myself.

The Medium launches on Xbox Series X/S and PC This December 10.

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