The Magical Mixture Mill Leaves Early Access

The Magical Mixture Mill, the potion brewing game with a factory automation twist, is now at version 1.0, leaving Early Access.

The game now has all its quest lines available, new class origins (necromancer, paladin and druid) that brings different bonuses, a cat and plenty of quality of life changes.

In The Magical Mixture Mill, you play as a retired adventurer who now serves as a potion brewer for the local potion shop. You’ll be hunting down ingredients across various biomes and listening to customers on what kind of magical brews they’re looking for.

Making the potions is where the Magical Mixture Mill has a little something extra compared to other potion-brewing games. You’ll be end up building a potion factory placing various machines to process and combine ingredients into a desired potion.

We were impressed with the game back when it launched as an Early Access title.

The Magical Mixture Mill is out now on PC via Steam.

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