The Last Night Looks Incredibly Gorgeous

During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Raw Fury announced one of the most beautiful Pixel Art game this generation has seen in the form of The Last Night.  You can see the trailer below.

The team behind the game says that the game has “The soul of a cinematic platformer and the heart of a sci-fi thriller”. The Last Night is set in a post-cyberpunk world with a deep, vibrant vision of the future.

We play as Charlie, a lower-class citizen who can’t interface with the systems and augmentations of the world around him, due to an accident during his childhood (story related perhaps). He’s a citizen of the thriving metropolis and yet he’ll never be a part of it. Then, a chance encounter offers him the chance to be part of something else and take matters into his own hands,which where we might come in.

The game is stated to be released to Xbox One and PC in 2018, with enhancement like 4K UHD graphics for the recently announced Xbox One X.

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