The Inpatient Is Until Dawn Developers’ Next Horror VR Game, Out On November 22

Developers Supermassive Games are now the current purveyour of Sony’s latest techs. The team initially developed Until Dawn to make use of the Playstation Move controllers (though that changed for the better), and has put out one VR game in the form of Until Dawn: Rush For Blood and are also working on a Playlink game: Hidden Agenda.

But for those who wish the developers stick to horror games, then this is for you. The Inpatient is a horror VR game set within the Until Dawn universe. You will be playing the role of amnesiac patient in Blackwood Sanitarium, with a branching narrative and multiple endings to experience.

The Inpatient will be out on November 22 for PS VR in Asia, with both a physical (RM159) and digital release (RM149) available.

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