The First Teaser For Shenmue III Looks A Bit.. Rough

Shenmue was critically lauded when it first arrived on the Sega Dreamcast 18 years ago. It was one of the first games that featured a detailed open world as well as a strong narrative hook. The original game and its sequel didn’t do well commercially however, leaving the story hanging without closure. Unless you count Mega64’s silly video as official canon.

Then E3 2015 came and Sony unveiled the biggest, hypest bombshell of an announcement imaginable- one of them being Shenmue III. It had to be Kickstarted first, but there were enough fans to make it happen, racking up over $6,000,000 USD worth of funding.

After two years, the team at Ys Net has now prepared their first teaser trailer for the game, set to be published by Deep Silver. And it looks.. rough.

Take a look below:

The environments of China, lighting effects and objects look immaculate, but more work is still needed on the character models and animations. Faces are stilted, if not barely moving. In an official post on Playstation Blog, series creator Yu Suzuki stated they are still working on the visuals, so here’s hoping the final character models won’t resemble too closely to previous games from two console generations ago.

Shenmue III will be out on the PS4 and PC some time in 2018.

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