The Elder Scrolls Online Is Free For This Weekend

Skyrim Online? Not quite, but this MMORPG by Zenimax Online, taking place in Tamriel the land where The Elder Scrolls series take place is still in operation. Yes, it has a rough launch, to middling reviews, but maybe after the constant updates it has been receiving it’s worth playing right now?

The Elder Scrolls Online is free this weekend both on the PC and PS4. You can download it now on Steam. Be wary, it’s a huge download. 50GB to be precise, so keep that in mind before deciding to try it out or not. The good thing about it is that all progress will be saved so if you choose to buy it later, you can just continue where you left off.

So if Overwatch isn’t your thing, and neither is Steep, maybe give this a shot. There’s plenty of free weekend deals this weekend so spend your time wisely and remember to have fun.


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