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The Division’s Massive 1.4 Update Is Now Live


The Division started strong, released in March, but it did not have the staying power of any other online RPGs due to some major issues at once you’ve reached the level cap and reached the endgame. To those who still hoped that the game can still be salvageable if Ubisoft and developers Massive Entertainment can make fixes based on fan feedback, then here you go. The patch notes are too long to be displayed here, so for those curious about that, head over to this link. It’s a long read.

Aside from the patch notes, Massive made a devblog detailing the biggest new change in update 1.4: World Tiers. These tiers are bound to gear score and will scale all enemies to that level. You can select which tier you want, so you can go in a tier higher or lower and do activities to gain better gear, with higher tiers having more chances of a loot drop. The introduction of World Tiers also means all enemies are rebalanced so that a player with a decent gear score for that tier should not take long to take down an enemy. Previously, the time-to-kill kept increasing as you gain higher levels, hence the complaints that they are just bullet sponges rather than a challenging foe. In fact, they have the data for that as well, look at this graph below comparing update 1.4 to the previous 1.3:


This major update has pushed back plans for expansions and content. So lapsed Division agents out there, maybe give the game another look if anything’s improved? Hopefully it can keep the loyal fans and still-active agents excited again with the changes. We’ll see.