The Demo For Heavy Rain Arrives On Epic Games Store, But Not Without Problems

Quantic Dream, the makers of lavishly beautiful narrative games, has released a demo for the first of three former Playstation-exclusives to PC.

The demo contains two full chapters where you play FBI agent Norman Jayden and the private investigator Scott Shelby, with up to 45 minutes to complete.

The demo for Heavy Rain can be downloaded through the Epic Games Store here.

UPDATE 27/5/19: The demo for Heavy Rain is now up and available without any more problems. The original story follows:

Only it’s not right now. Quantic Dream says on Twitter that they have found an issue with the demo not launching, which results in the demo being pulled off Epic Games Store.

Now haven’t we’ve heard that before.

In all fairness, it’s not clear whether Epic Games Store is at fault here or it’s on the developers. The French team has never worked on a PC title since Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit released in 2005.

Nevertheless, it’s an unfortunate circumstance. We’ll update the story when it develops, which we hope mean Heavy Rain’s demo will be available.

Heavy Rain will be available on PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store on June 24th. The demo for Beyond: Two Souls will drop on July 22nd with a demo coming on June 27th. Detroit: Become Human will have a demo sometime in the summer (August the latest) and will be released in autumn (September-November).

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