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The Crew Calling All Units Is An Expansion That Lets You Be The Police, Previous Expansion Included


Two years already and The Crew keeps on getting support (unlike the Need For Speed 2015, which had a good run of free updates, but none anymore). With major overhauls to physics, graphics and addition of new gameplay features from the first expansion Wild Run, we will now be getting a second one called Calling All Units.

While cops have always been in the game and can be a nuisance, Calling All Units adds the ability to be the cop. Hop in a cop car, cruise and find yourself in hot pursuit against those pesky racers. In addition to being able to ride as the right side of the law, new story missions will be included.

Check out the trailer below:

In addition, Calling All Units will include the Wild Run expansion, that adds three new “extreme” specs where you can spec your car into a drag machine, a drift ride or even a monster truck, new events called The Summit, motorcycles and additional activities during free roaming. If you don’t own the base game (and missed the free copy of the Crew given away a few months back), there will be a physical release containing the base game as well as the two expansions. Previous owners of Wild Run will be treated with a brand new car: the Nissan GTR

This little tidbit was announced in this other video about why you should give The crew another go.

Pretty impressive that Ubisoft is still supporting developers Ivory Towers’ game. While not perfect, it has its own thrills and great moments here and there. Here’s hoping we will see the series continue on in the years to come.