The Battle For 2nd Place In Malaysia Cyber Games 2018 F1 2017 Was Decided By Mere Miliseconds

Because the eventual winner was out of this world

F1 2017 may be an odd pick for the 2nd Malaysia Cyber Games, now holding the record for the biggest esports tournament as well as the most participants in an esport in the Malaysian Book Of Records. But it has managed to ignite the spark of the budding sim racing community here, but also attracted new players into the scene.

The 32 participants came from various backgrounds, not just the youths entered it. Some came with their spouses and significant other for support while others are well prepared with proper racing gear. Some even only played and practiced the game once they’ve registered for the event.

The whole event was purely a time trial battle, with four simulator setups housing a Logitech G29 steering wheel hooked up to the PS4 version of F1 2017.

Crowds gather and sit around the four simulator setups to watch how each racer take their laps.

The first round was raced in Monza where groups of four were given 15 minutes to set their best time, with the best two racers advancing. The disparity of time was clear from the onset. The fastest time was 1.21.817 and at least one person managed to not set a time at all, restarting each lap after screwing up the first few turns over and over.

The second round was a true test of technical capabilities as the remaining 16 go to Monaco. The historic track around Monte Carlo has some tricky corners and very easy to miss chicanes which will invalidate the lap if missed. Again, the best two from each group advance.

The penultimate race takes the top 8 to the Spa-Frachorchamps, a long, fast and tricky track. The session was increased to 30 minutes to make up for the length of the track. While the top 8 here has secured a piece of the prize pool already, all the drivers pushed on to post their fastest time to reach the finale, the home race in Sepang. Only four racers remain by this point.

Of the top four, Ayman Qaeem has emerged as the crowd favourites to win. It’s easy to see why, his laps are seconds faster than the competition, that fastest time in Monza was by him. It’s easy to see why some of the bystanders are calling he’s from another planet entirely in terms of skill- he brought racing gloves and shoes and even did some stretching warm-ups before every session. Plus, he is already known within the community to have dedicated a lot of time to sim racing.

But that did not stop the remaining three to give it their all. As the finals start, the crowd keeps going back and forth to each of the stations to see the current lap times, and remarkably, the battle for 2nd place was decided in the miliseconds. The fastest time of each racer kept on being shaved.

Here is the results of the final race in Sepang, and the final standings of Malaysia Cyber Games 2018 F1 2017 tournament:

  1. Ayman Aqeem: 1.31.921
  2. Frixx: 1.33.254
  3. Taufiq Mohyin: 1.33.274
  4. Rajvinsinghwala: 1.33.306

The gap between 2nd and 3rd was just 0.020 seconds, with the 4th place finisher not far off being 0.032 seconds away from 3rd. At one point, the three racers set their time within the 1.33.3 seconds range as Ayman was pushing to move his fastest time from 1.32 to 1.31, way ahead of the rest of the pack.

The top 8 finishers, which also includes ZulfikriWajdi, NightWalker, siao siao and matomato_10 will all receive a share of the RM10,000 prize pool.

From left: Frixx (2nd place), Rajvinsinghwala (4th), Taufiq Mohyin (3rd) and Ayman Aqeem (1st)

Congratulations to all the winners, and huge props to the organisers and the team of marshals that worked hard throughout the day. This is a rare occasion a racing game made it into an esports event, and despite it taking up the smallest space at the venue, they managed to bring the sim racing community, and people who was just interested in racing games, to come and join.

Hopefully we can see more racing tournaments in Malaysia in the future.

(Prize winning images courtesy of Malaysia Cyber Games 2018)


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