The Ambitious (And Troubled) System Shock Remake Now Has A New Gameplay Trailer

Nightdive Studios now owns the System Shock IP and it has been working on remaking the first-person immersive sim. However, early this year the remake, funded by Kickstarter, was in hiatus as the scope of the remake ballooned, veering away potential publishers.

The studio has since refocused, scaling down the scope and is now on track for a release in 2020.

Right now, the whole game is now playable in its new engine, with all objectives to complete the game available. However, it’s still early days. If you think that the textures are a bit too outdated for today’s level of standard, than that’s because they are using all of the original game’s textures.

With that caveat, here’s the video of the current Adventure Alpha:

Kickstarter backers can now play this Alpha. Note that is still filled with bugs. Again, this game is slated for 2020 so there’s a lot more work needed to be done to give this classic the remake it deserve.

If you’re looking for an immersive sim coming out sooner that 2020, there’s Underworld Ascendant, coming next month.


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