Tetris Effect Connected Coming To PS4, PC, Oculus Quest This August With Full Cross-Play

We’re all connected. Tetris Effect Connected, an enhanced version of Tetris Effect, launched last year only on Xbox platforms. But the exclusivity will end this August as Tetris Effect Connected will be available on PS4, PC and the Oculus Quest.

For PC, the Epic Games Store exclusivity will also end as it will also be launching on Steam.

Not only that, the new release will come with an update for all platforms. This includes full cross-play with all released platforms (PS4, Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, Oculus Quest, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S).

Cross-play is done by sharing a room ID code should you want to play with friends. Room ID can be hidden for streaming purposes. Ranked Matches will have cross-platform matchmaking.

Tetris Effect Connected will also have two new modes for all platforms: spectator mode as well as PAL and slow speed mode. PAL mode will emulate the experience of playing Tetris with a CRT TV in Europe. The TVs have a low framerate (50Hz instead of 60Hz with NTSC). But there are other quirks that are also replicated, like faster horizontal movements and faster dropping speeds in later levels.

Existing owners of Tetris Effect will get Tetris Effect Connected as a free update, as promised before.

Tetris Effect Connected will be out on August 18.

Source: Tetris Effect

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