Tekken Battle Arena, A New Malaysia Tekken 7 League Announced

Starting March 24th

Flash Vision and Geek Empire are back again with another Tekken 7 league for Malaysians to brawl it out. The Tekken Battle Arena is a league with six different tournaments held across Malaysia, with a points system to determine the top players that will reach the grand finals. The grand finals will see a prize pool worth of RM10,000.

Alongside Geek Empire, the gaming studio in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Tekken Battle Arena will also see three other venues at other Malaysia Fighting Game Community associated gaming studios: Maximuss Game Centre in Ipoh, Lexder Empire Gaming Studio in Sungai Petani and 1337 Gaming in Shah Alam.

Dates of each qualifier tournament is as follows:

  • 1st Qualfier: 24th March 2018 (Geek)
  • 2nd Qualifier: 28th April 2018 (Maximusss)
  • 3rd Qualifier: 26th May 2018 (Geek)
  • 4th Qualifier: 30th June 2018 (Lexder)
  • 5th Qualifier: 4th August 2018 (1337)
  • 6th Qualifier: 8th September 2018 (Geek)
  • Last Chance Qualifier: One day before Grand Final

Players that reached the top 8 of each qualifier tournament will be given points for the league, with the top 10 on the leaderboard will be invited to the grand finals event later this year.

The top 2 finalists of Tekken Battle Arena will recieve a fully funded trip to SEA Majors in Singapore- return air ticket, accommodation and registration fee covered. SEA Majors is part of the Tekken World Tour, the pro circuit for the fighting game and is a Masters event, which means the best of players in Asia will surely be there.

The first tournament of Tekken Battle Arena will be held at Geek Empire on March 24th, the same date as the first Street Fighter V tournament to be held in a Malaysian airport. Details of the location, registration and more can be found here.

If you’re looking to up your Tekken 7 game this is the place to be. No matter how good (or bad) you are at the game, the FGC can help you get better- either from the beatdowns throughout the tournament or the casual chat around the tournament area. There’s plenty to gain here if you’re up for it.

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