Tekken 8 Teases First DLC Character, Eddy Gordo

Tekken 8 should be out next week but that hasn’t stopped publisher Bandai Namco to hype about the game’s post-launch content.

The fighting game will have a Season Pass in the form of the Character Year 1 Pass where one new character will be added in each quarter of a year for a total of four characters.

The first to drop in Spring (Q2) 2024 will be none other than Eddy Gordo. The Brazilian capoeira master made a return in Tekken 7, but didn’t make the cut as the launch roster for Tekken 8. But he’ll be there, with a new haircut that looks awesome yet have been featured on too many video game characters of recent memory.

The Season Pass character teaser came from the recent Opening Movie trailer for Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 will feature a whopping 32 characters in its launch roster, two different story modes (one following the Mishima family feud as the world is collapsing into war, another a meta-story about being a new player of Tekken 8 in a world dominated by Tekken 8 arcade cabinets) and some new system mechanics on top of the familiar 3D fighting experience.

Tekken 8 will be available on January 26 for the PS5, PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X|S.

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