Tekken 7’s Next DLC Character Is Polish Prime Minister Lidia Sobieska

The world of fighting game series Tekken sure is an interesting one. And the next DLC character brings a new unexpected fighter into the King Of Iron Fist Tournament, the Prime Minister of Poland.

(Well, the PM in this universe where everyone understands each other no matter what language you speak, that is).

Lidia Sobieska is a new original character debuting in DLC 18 for Tekken 7, part of Season Pass 4. Lidia dons a gi with a tank top blazen in Poland red to join the fight in honour of her country (and to fend off against the Mishima Zaibatsu).

The DLC also includes a new stage, Island Paradise, which you can see in the trailer here:

This should be the last of planned DLC content for Tekken 7 for now. It’s a cool addition to the roster too- playing as a karate-chopping Prime Minister sounds rad on paper.

The DLC should be available today. Season Pass 4 also includes the previous DLC character Kunimitsu and her accompanying stage.

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